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PL 200 滑動裝載機
Easy software integration



The PL-200 Slide Loader is an advanced system for automatic slide handling in a variety of microscope applications. The PL200 is fully supported by Objective Imaging's Surveyor software with Turboscan, Molecular Devices MetaMorph image acquisition and analysis software, Media Cybernetics ImagePro 7.0.1 software and Nikon NIS-Elements imaging software.

The PL-200 model is designed for 1x3 slides and accommodates up to 200 slides that are housed in four removable slide racks, each of which holds up to fifty slides. Sensors on the loader monitor the presence of the slide racks so the system can intelligently respond when racks are changed in the middle of a run for example. Installation of a rack on the loader initiates a unique slide detection system which automatically identifies the location of the slides. Prior has optimized both to provide the highest productivity with a complete system capable of performing load/unload cycles in as little as 24s. The units can be used with existing microscopes simply by adding the appropriate Prior scanning stage.

Prepared specimen slides are precious, often unique, and need to be handled with care. In addition to the slide retaining design of the slide racks, a range of further safety features have been included in the units to minimize the risk of damage to slides. The slide gripper includes a sensor to detect the presence of a slide. If the state of this sensor changes due to an absent slide for example, the system will stop and report an error message. A similar approach is taken on the scanning stage where a sensor identifies if a slide is present on the stage. Slide scanning will not take place for example, if a slide is not successfully placed onto the stage. A third sensor is used to monitor the position of the slide relative to the stage. If the user inadvertently moves the scanning stage in the Z axis, collisions are avoided by this sensor.

An application overview is available, showing how the slide loader is being used for digitising slides from suspected cancer patients.

Key features

  • 200 (1x3 slides) capacity
  • 15-25s load time
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with Prior ProScan stages
  • Easy software integration
  • Safe and reliable


Footprint 0.16m2
Dimensions 35cm(W) x 50cm(D) x 68cm(H)
Load Speed 15-25s
Compatability Nikon, Leica, Olympus & Zeiss Upright Microscopes
Options 1D or 2D Reader

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