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Key features

  • Fully locking Rigid Post Mounts which make raising and lowering quick and easy.
  • Dovetail sliders allow for easy horizontal adjustment to load/prep samples.
  • Change between thin sample and whole animal imaging height quickly.
  • M6x25 breadboard top surface for mounting micromanipulators and stereotaxic instruments.
  • Large sample area for mounting existing heating, cooling, perfusion and incubation chambers or to customize to meet your own requirements.
  • Multiple post heights accommodate most applications.
  • Interactive control center with twin XY digipots for ultra fine positioning.
  • Automatic Programmable Power Settings mode (APPS mode) for adjusting motor power consumption.


VDeck with 150mm posts 162.7mm min. height - 70mm travel - 232.7mm total height
VDeck with 200mm posts: 212.7mm min. height - 120mm travel - 332.7mm total height
VDeck with 250mm posts: 262.7mm min. height - 170mm travel - 432.7mm total height
VDeck with 300mm posts: 312.7mm min. height - 220mm travel - 537.7mm total height

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