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H101A Motorized Stage

XY Axis Motorized Stepper Stage For High Precision Microscope Automation


The H101A ProScan™ stage is adaptable to virtually any microscope or optical system. The H101A stage enables the user to increase labor efficiency by automatically scanning your specimens and storing points for later recollection and inspection with unmatched repeatability. The H101A is ideal for scanning or inspection of slides, microtitre trays, semiconductor wafers, or metallurgical specimens in any sort of pattern, including raster, snake and random patterns. The H101A ProScan™ stage also incorporates the patented – Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST). In conjunction with extensive testing, Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST) allows each stage to be pre-programmed with a unique set of operating characteristics particular to that stage to ensure optimum performance. IST (also available on H107 and H117 models) allows the ProScan™III controller to make any required adjustments to maintain superior orthogonally and metric accuracy.

Key features

  • Suitable for most major brand microscopes.
  • 1um or better repeatability
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Wide range of sample holders
  • Intelligent Scanning Technology (U.S. Patent 7,330,307)


Uni-Directional Repeatability *(um) Min Step Size(um) Recomended speed(mm/s) Max Travel Range(mm) Weight(kg) Ball Screw Pitch(mm) Motor Type(SPR **) Encoders
(um res)
H101a +/- 0.2 0.04 40(100) 114 x 75 5 2 200 No
H1P1A +/- 0.2 0.02 20(50) 114 x 75 5 1 200 No
H1P4A +/- 0.2 0.01 15(20) 114 x 75 5 1 400 No
HE01A +/- 0.2 0.04 40(100) 114 x 75 5 2 200 0.1
HEP1A +/- 0.2 0.02 20(50) 114 x 75 5 1 200 0.1
HEP4A +/- 0.2 0.01 15(20) 114 x 75 5 1 400 0.1

Requires the use of a Prior ProScanTM II or above controller and are based on Prior method of testing.
*Using a Prior ProScanTM controllers with backlash correction enabled, all repeatability is Uni-directional,
 mean performance Values in ( ) represent potential performance.
**S.P.R: Full steps per revolution of motor.

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