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Ideally suited to those applications involving extended focus or Z-stacking, the ES10ZE offers a low cost, compact, yet powerful system to automate a microscope focusing mechanism. The controller provides a clear display showing the current position at all times while separate controls are provided for rapid movement up or down along with the facility to change the speed of the focus movement. A manual focus knob is also provided for manual fine focusing and ease of operation. The system can be used on many different microscopes including inverted and upright compound microscopes plus stereomicroscopes. For the most demanding applications the ES10ZE will also support encoders ensuring the very best in terms of precision and accuracy.

Key features

  • Manual control included
  • Positional Readout.
  • USB connection.
  • RS232 Port.
  • Included encoder control.
  • Compatible with: PS3H122 or PS3H122E Focus Motors.


  • Resolution: Programmable to 10 nanometers. Factory default is 100nm. Minimum resolution with optical encoder is 50nm.
  • Speed: 1600 microns/second
  • Controller Size: 165 mm wide x 125mm deep x 60 mm tall
  • Universal external power supply. Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Max 1.6A
  • Computer Interface: RS232/USB, 9600 baud
  • Communication Protocol: 8 bit word, 1 stop bit, no parity, no handshake
  • Motor: 2 phase, 1 amp per phase, 1.8 degree stepping motor
  • Painted black finish
  • User interface: Large digipot knob for manual control.
    Buttons for: set zero, speed setting, move up, move down
  • Display: Position

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