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High Speed Filter Wheels & Shutters | Prior

Prior 快速濾鏡片輪盤

High Speed Filter Wheels


  • High speed filter change
  • Mounts to emission or excitation ports
  • 6, 8 or 10 positions wheels are available.
  • Available for 25mm or 32mm filters.
  • Magnetic covers for ease of filter changing.
  • Optional filter wheel keypad.
  • Large selection of microscope adapters available.

The filter wheel system can be provided as a standalone unit with a ProScan® controller. A large selection of microscope adapters are available to mount the wheels to either excitation or emission ports. They are available as either a 6 position (25mm filters), 8 position (32mm filters) or 10 position (25mm filters) wheel. With the magnetic covers and easily visible numbering system the mounting of filters is quick and easy.

Prior’s range of filter wheels allow precise and rapid control over illumination. The Filter Wheel System can be used as a stand alone unit with the ProScan® controller or used in conjunction with the motorized stage and focus system. The components are adaptable to a wide range of microscopes and illuminators and as such are suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Key Features
  • Mounts on the illumination or emission ports of many widely used microscopes
  • Available for 25 mm (10 position) or 32 mm (8 or 10 position) filters.
  • A large selection of adapters to fit most illuminators.
  • Filter wheels can be stacked together in series
  • Magnetic covers over the filter load position on both sides of the Filter Wheel give easy access to quickly change filters.
  • Visible filter position numbers for both the light path filter and the load position filter.
  • Filter wheel stand for added stability
Technical Specification
Number of Filters Filter Size (mm) Speed(ProScan)* Speed(OptiScan)* With Stand
HF108A 8 32 55ms 120ms
HF108 8 32 55ms 120ms YES
HF110A 10 25 55ms 120ms
HF110 10 25 55ms 120ms YES




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