Graticules Optics Microscope Eyepiece Reticles


Film Reticles​
FNE1 刻劃片 

0 film reticles per pack

Scale 10mm in 0.1mm divisions

These film reticles are being used in many different applications:

As reticles in microscope eyepieces

As a calibration scale on the microscope stage

As a simple measurement too when using magnifiers

As a cover glass to make direct measurements

Simple 10mm in 0.1mm divisions scale on polyester film that can be cut to size. 2 strips of 5 images in each pack. Circles are marked around the scale image to give guidance when cutting. The spacing of the images allows diameters up to 27mm to be cut. Overall size of film is 150mm x 30mm x 0.18mm thick.



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Plastic reticle strips, 5 images per strip, 2 strips per pack - total 10 images, 150mm x 30mm x 0.18mm thick film, guide circles of 16mm, 19mm, 21mm and 24mm around each scale image for cutting




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