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ProScan Motorized Stage System for Inverted Microscope | Prior Scientific

H117 显微镜电动载物台

XY Axis Motorized Stepper Stage For High Precision Microscope Automation


The H117 stage series has a completely flat top for easy access, and includes Intelligent Scanning Technology (IST).

In conjunction with extensive testing, IST allows each stage to be pre-programmed with a unique set of operating characteristics particular to that stage to ensure optimum performance.

 IST allows the ProScan™III controller to make any required adjustments to maintain superior orthogonality and metric accuracy.

Click here for datasheets about  stages for Nikon TE2000 microscopes, here or Nikon Ti microscopes, here for Olympus microscopes here for Zeiss microscopes and here for Lecia microscopes. They have been used for cancer research in a system for obtaining extremely high quality images

Key features

  • Suitable for most new inverted microscopes.
  • 1um or better repeatability
  • Quiet and reliable
  • Compatible with most incubators
  • Wide range of sample holders.
  • Flat top for easy access.


See the individual datasheets for guidance on stage specifications. The ball screw pitch, motor type, and presence or absence of encoders all affect the step size, speed and average metric accuracy.

Product Datasheet



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